About Bonnie

Hi, I’m Bonnie. I’m a Jersey girl born and breed (no, not the Snookie kind)  with a serious soft spot for Philadelphia. I’m newly married to an Israeli named Abie who is the ying to my yang. With all my type-A tendencies it helps to have someone to remind me to go with the flow. He also makes a mean shakshuka. We live in New Jersey with our dog Beau, who is such a cuddle bug, incredibly mischievous, and impressively photogenic. Also… #adoptdontshop!

I’m a lawyer by day, which keeps me pretty busy, but there’s a huge right-brained, Pisces part of me that isn’t always fulfilled by my day job. I come home from work and jump into the next thing, whether its a project around the house, real estate investing, or a new recipe.

My “9 to 5” may make me a living, but my “5 to 9” makes me alive. Bonnie Appetite was made to document that 5-9 part of my life which is way more interesting than a blog about litigation… I promise.